Paul M. La Rose
April 13, 1967 - September 3, 2020

Paul M. La Rose, 53, of Brooksville, passed away September 3, 2020. Paul is survived by his loving wife Denise; daughters: Amber Goodman, Heather La Rose, Tina Westlake; five grandchildren and one brother.

Our lives go on without you

But nothing is the same

We have to hide our heartache

When someone speaks your name

Sad are the hearts that love you

Silent are the tears that fall

Living without you is the hardest part of all

You did so many things for us

Your heart was so kind and true

And when we needed someone

We could always count on you

The special years will not return

When we are all together

But with the love in our hearts

You walk with us forever.

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